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Anna Kott – Photography

Anna Kott

Ballet, burlesque, kitsch and tattoos – the visual universe of Anna Kott is baroque, melancholy, cheerful and bright all at once. Strength and weakness, physical confidence and embarrassment, grace and awkwardness are the contradictions she captures in her pictures. The women she paints, draws and photographs appear as creatures absorbed in themselves, powerful, somewhat dangerous and disturbing. Ballerinas, drag queens, strippers, rock stars, athletic, tattooed bodies that hint at transience and fragility. The smoky boudoir atmosphere is blended here with vanitas motifs, poetic metaphors, religion and sexuality. In these portraits, silhouettes, fragments, true art lies in suggestion. The Polish Institute Berlin presents new photos by the Berlin artist Anna Kott, who was born in Poland in 1975 and is known mainly for her paintings. The exhibition includes photographs taken in various Berlin milieus and subcultures: they are subjective, sometimes wild, sometimes reserved observations.